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Horse fever hadn't yet bit me in my younger years. It happened pretty gradually. One day, our grandparents gave our family a horse for Christmas. At the time, I was about six years old and my aunt bred Lewitzer ponies. When I was nine, I got my first very own pony, Lady.

Along with riding, Skiing also played a big part in my life during my younger years. I wanted to be either a ski racer or a professional rider, but at first I couldn't decide. And if I was going to be a rider, rather a show jumper. Ludger Beerbaum was my idol, but that changed rather quickly when I got Dacapo, a dressage pony. My parents and Stefan  Münch, our trainer at the time, who worked with us for many more years, taught me convincingly that in order to be successful in show jumping, a solid basic training in dressage was necessary.

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This I should learn with Decapo. (I still find myself almost in this basic training today. ;-)) That horse was, for me, the perfect introduction into the world of dressage. Through a certain basic quality and my, already then, strong tendency towards perfectionism, we quickly made it onto the national team of  pony dressage riders.  I enjoyed it, and so the decision was made to be dressage riders.

The transition to large horses didn't strike me as particularly difficult, because we – Jessica and I – not only had a great trainer, but also great large horses, which gave me a lot of confidence. As a junior and young rider, I was a three-time team European Champion, European Vice Champion in the individual competition and the German Champion. 

Most successes that I had, I had with my horse, Sam, with whom I also made it onto the German B-team of seniors.The step into the premier league of dressage, the International Grand Prix, is of course the biggest challenge that we have taken on in recent years.  It inspires us to discover and develop young horses. Being able to help each other as brother and sister is especially nice. We see each other as like-minded partners.

In everything I do, it's rarely just about the “what” for me, but it is much more about the “how” I do something.  I want to work together with the horses, to form a team. In no other sport is there this relationship between a human and an animal. This is unique, and that's why I love this sport.



Achieve goals through physical & mental fitness

"Get yourself a rubber ball as you expect it from your horse," as Jessica and Benjamin emphasize time and again. As you train your core muscles, improve coordination, and train your suppleness, you can better control your body and affect your horse more effectively. For this we have developed a 12-week plan for you, together with the sports scientist Marcel Andrä, to optimize the fine tuning between horse and rider. Convince yourself.



The collection

Our range of equestrian products, created with Lamicell, reflect the same quality, elegance and heritage as our horses. Values that run through everything we do.



It's a team game

Goldenes Reitabzeichen

3 Goldmedals at European Championchips YR Team
German Champion YR with Sam

1st at Euroclassics Bremen
Bavarian Champion with Sam

1st at Grand Prix (Louisdor Preis) Donaueschingen with Der Hit

1st at Grand Prix Vidauban
1st at GP and Spezial Heroldsberg with Der Hit
2nd at WC Kaposvár
Member of the German national team (B-team)

5th at the German Championchips Balve (freestyle) with Daily Mirror
1st at Worlcup Budapest with Daily Mirror
1st at Worldcup Salzburg with Daily Mirror
2nd at the Louisdor Final with Famoso
Member of the German national team

Member of the German olympic team with Daily Mirror and Famoso